Background Check

We often find that our clients are not aware of the differences between the numerous types of background checks being offered all over the internet. Be informed of the exact services being provided before you order a background check. Be assured you're getting the service that you believe you are paying for.

If you've ever looked into ordering a background check you've probably noticed that prices vary greatly. Why is that? There are actually a number of reasons but the short version is, you get what you pay for. The main thing to understand is that there's a big difference between a deep investigation into someone's background vs a simple database search on potential employees to release liability. Our background checks range from a few bucks up to thousands of dollars. The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of search you need. This should help, if not, give us a call.

Our Offers

Basic Background Check

This search covers any major criminal offenses nationwide. It's typical of the type of background check an employer does prior to hiring a new employee. We offer bulk discounts for clients starting at 10 searches.

Advanced Background Check

Search of all available databases. Customized county searches based on subject's address history, Onsite Civil / Criminal records search at county courthouse(s). Internet search of social media sites and any relevant news articles.

Investigator will order police reports and / or determine details of offenses at request. This search is typical of an individual or business with a serious need of determining what is (was) really going on with their subject.

Complete Background Investigation

Thorough investigation of a subject's past including civil and criminal records search, social media search, internet search, news article search, national comprehensive report, search of all available databases, multiple name or alias search, contact subject's local sherrif's dept, county courthouse, local police dept, department of corrections, interviews with persons familiar with the subject by request.

This search is typical of an insurance company or large corporation and is often used by investors or business owners.

Tip: You can always "add on" additional services if there's something specific you need to check into on a particular subject.

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