SIU Programs

The Info Agency is equipped to handle single assignments or assume responsibility for an entire in house SIU Department. By offering "pay as you go" contract SIU programs, we make it easy to lower costs while improving the results of all anit-fraud efforts. Our experienced SIU managers handle each file from start to finish, regardless of geographical service areas or the number of files that require attention on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

The Info Agency can oversee all investigations on our client's behalf while updating and working with staff to determine which path would provide a more cost effective solution. Our SIU Direcotors will ensure file reviews are conducted on a regular basis. We then monitor and evaluate files to determine what plan of action is needed, if any.

Our Offers


For companies that require weekly investigations we reccomend a dedicated SIU Director meet with client's to determine which program would be most beneficial.


For client's that typically manage around 5 assignments each month we offer a Monthly Service Program.


For client's with only a handful of assignments each year we offer a Yearly Service Program.

Tip: You can always "add on" additional services if there's something specific you need to check into on a particular subject.

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