• The Info Agency

    The Info Agency is a full service private investigations company, and then some. We believe that accidental chance rarely favors the unprepared mind. When reliable intelligence initiates a purposeful action, a positive impact is achieved. We are experts at mining the new repositories created by the Information Age. We combine practical innovations with predictable discovery techniques to position ourselves where the intelligence you need finds us.....more

  • Background Checks

    Stop over-paying and learn what type of background check you need. From inexpensive database searches to full on Back Ground Investigations. Everything you need and everything you need to know is right here....more

  • Locate

    Throughout the years, our ability to locate individuals has become an so exceptional we're often called upon by other PI firms to do what they can't. Our unique and covert investigative techniques are unparalleled and have put us among the best when it comes to finding a subject who is trying desperately to stay off the grid.....more


Background Checks

Background checks can be vague & misleading. What are they checking? Databases? Court records? Are there still counties that don't report online in 2015? Do they know the subject's....more


One of the problems with hiring a surveillance investigator is finding someone who's experienced, professional, reliable, trustworthy, ethical, and affordable....more

Know Your Neighbors

Check out your neighbors before you buy a new home. Criminal and Civil background checks conducted by licensed Private Investigators. ....more

Social Media

We've seen MySpace come and go (and attempt to make a come back). We've seen the circus that was Facebook's IPO and we've even seen website's like instagram....more

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