Social Media Report: $295

It's no secret that some of the most useful information available is found on Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist, Twitter or one of the many other social media outlets. This is one of our areas of expertise and too often we are disappointed to find our clients paying for a similar service offered by a company that does a fraction of the work that's involved in this type of report.

In many cases The Info Agency is able to access information that other companies can't. Simply put, we're able to locate information that most companies can't and don't find. Since The Info Agency also operates as a Special Investigations Unit for insurance carriers, we have the advantage of analyzing the work of other Investigative Companies. When comparing other PI Vendors' results with the work of our own investigators we often find that PI Firms have overlooked important information.

This information is sometimes key to the investigation. It may be all our client needs to reduce a settlement, shut down a claim, fire an employee, prevent what could be a horrible partnership, or stop paying benefits. It often allows us to know when and where to be when conducting surveillance resulting in thousands of dollars saved from useless surveillance hours being wasted on the wrong place or the wrong time.

People become more familiar with Social Networking every day. As a nation, we are becoming more cautious and aware of the information we share. Privacy settings often prevent our clients from accessing information that could turn out to be the determining factor for a critical decision. That's why we're here. In many cases we gather information from a subject's friend, family member, significant other, associate, or neighbor.

Investigators gather any and all information that could be considered valuable using covert investigative techniques.

All investigators are licensed and clients deal directly with the investigator working their case. We've found that this allows a better chance at achieving positive results. All services requested are performed in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws.

RUSH assignments are available for an additional fee of $50.

For additional information about this report or any other service offered by the Info Agency please visit our contact page to reach someone in our office.

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