Litigation Report: $495

The Litigation Report is designed to piece together critical information and intelligence and keep our client's team informed during litigation. Our goal is to provide attorney's with a report that will help to achieve a favorable settlement or positive outcome for any legal procedings. Our professionalism, confidentiality, and quality services have allowed us to work with some of the most respected legal teams in the country.

The Litigation Report is offered throughout the United States and can be customized to fit a specific investigative need. Some of the services we provide to the legal community include the following:

Locate individuals - interview, investigate, or depose a witness, former employee, or anyone who may provide useful information for a case in litigation.

Locate Assets - motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, valuable property, real estate, etc.

Personal Profile - Another valuable tool is know the person you may be dealing with. Our investigators provide a detailed report identifying a person's behaviors, any poetential weaknesses, and overall background so that our client is always prepared for anything that may come up during the litigation process.

RUSH assignments are available for an additional fee of $50.

A typical Litigation Report will include the following survices:

  • Research - Analyze all available databases and social media outlets for investigative relevance.
  • Residence Verification - Verify the subject's residence with available research, utilities, inquiries, etc.
  • Activity Check - Investigate to develop information about the subject's normal daily activities.
  • Employment Check - Investigate if the subject is currently employed for someone other than what they report.
  • Hospital Check - Identify recent hospital visits (specifically related to a stated injury when applicable).
  • Gym Check - Investigate if the subject has an active gym membership.
  • Prison / Jail Check - Contact the subject's local Police Dept., County Sherrif's Dept., State Dept. of Corrections and Federal Prison Bureau to see if they have been incarcerated.

Texas License Number: A20506